10 years ago, I married the most amazing woman on earth. She completely changes my life in so many great ways!

Chelsea and I met in Lima, Peru. She came to be a teacher and served as a missionary for about 9 months before a friend at our church introduced us. She knew very little Spanish at the time (she could barely speak a few phrases) and I didn’t speak any English. Although communicating was a challenge, love is a universal language and we managed to communicate with each other well. 5 months after I met her, I decided that I would ask her to be my wife. Because I still didn’t know English that well and was still studying it, I had to ask a friend in Miami to translate my proposal into English. My proposal was entirely in the hands of my friend and I have no idea if she added or changed anything, but I do know it worked! Chelsea accepted my hand in marriage two days later.

For about 2 years, our relationship was long-distance, and though it was difficult at times, it was worth it. On August 7, 2018 we finally got married! Because so much was happening during the months leading up to our wedding—providing documentation and the processing times for our marriage license, Chelsea’s permanent residency process, and court date scheduling—we had very little time on our hands to plan and our wedding was left nearly entirely into my hands. So, I completely understand the importance of detailed planning when it comes to weddings. If I could give any advice to any bride or groom to be, it would be this: hire a wedding planner!

Returning to our story… We traveled to Ecuador for our honeymoon, rented a cozy apartment, and in March of the following year, we welcomed our first daughter. Around a year and a half later and during Chelsea’s second pregnancy, I decided it was time for us to move to the States. Now it was my turn to make some sacrifices and to get to know Chelsea’s culture and family. It was not easy at all, but it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I love this country and my in-laws! I love how they desire to have a deep connection and encourage my wife and our children. We now have a beautiful family of 5 kids (3 girls and 2 boys) and live in Franklin, TN. We also have 2 cats (Eugine and Rapunzel), 4 fish, and one hamster. 

I look back and I realize how blessed we are to have come so far and yet remain together, for better and for worse.

The Team


I love my family and friends, I am driven, positive and determined, a forever learner, creative, I love making people laugh, in love with life.


BUsiness manager

I make sure our team adds value to your wedding day. I love my family, nature, art, music, organizing, coaching, and health wellness.


Marketing guru

I strive for excellence in all things, I enjoy hiking and mountain biking and as a husband and father I love my wife and son.


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