I have passion for what I do, and I love creating art for my clients. Many people take photos, but I don’t just take photos, I create art.

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For about 2 years, our relationship was long-distance, and though it was difficult at times, it was worth it. On August 7, 2018 we finally got married! Because so much was happening during the months leading up to our wedding—providing documentation and the processing times for our marriage license, Chelsea’s permanent residency process, and court date scheduling—we had very little time on our hands to plan and our wedding was left nearly entirely into my hands. So, I completely understand the importance of detailed planning when it comes to weddings. If I could give any advice to any bride or groom to be, it would be this: hire a wedding planner!


Artist.  Driven.  Authentic 

I am Luis Quintana, a wedding photographer based in Nashville Tennessee. Since childhood, I’ve been passionate about visual mediums, which led me to pursue a career in photography. In 2012, I migrated from Peru to the United States and started my journey to develop a company that explores new visual boundaries–work that evokes the joy of delicate and unforgettable moments.



I make sure our team adds value to your special day. I love my family, nature, art, music, organizing, coaching and health wellness.



Whether it’s your big wedding day or your engagement, these memories should be remembered forever.

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