Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! This is one of the things our clients like the most about our studio. I am referring to our ability to be versatile.

Our studio specializes in three different skillsets throughout a wedding day. Cinematic coverage, which is designed to create amazing art-focused imagery from your wedding. This is the style of photography that we are known for, and what sets our studio apart from all of the others. Photojournalism, which focuses on creative documentary portraiture during the fluid parts of the day, and traditional, which will focus on brighter images that will stand the test of time.

Our studio has been photographing weddings for nearly 5 years. We have had many happy brides and excellent reviews. But you know that already or else you wouldn’t be here. So let me touch on a couple of the things that you may not know:

**Provide You With A Dedicated Experience Manager

**Having a studio manager assigned to each wedding ensures that our clients are well taken care of and communicated with. You won’t have to wait 7 days for a response because your photographer had three back-to-back gigs, a day of editing, and then had to go work at their day job for 3 days in between shoots. Our studio manager works with you and is available during ALL of our business hours to speak with you.

Our editors do one thing…edit photos. They do it much better and more efficiently than any of our photographers could do it. A wedding can take a single photographer 25-30 hours to edit if they are experienced and the wedding was shot correctly. This is why many photographers will tell you that it takes 6 – 9 weeks to get your photos back to you (and in reality, they may take much more). I know that you probably know at least one person that didn’t get their wedding photos back for months after their wedding.

With our studio, you wait 2-3 weeks. Does not matter if it’s a wedding, engagement, or portrait session. We are done with your gallery ready for you to see your pictures.

We have a very simple process to book us for your wedding. First, fill out this inquiry form so we know a little bit about your big day. Next you will receive an e-mail with our starting rates for your event. If we are within your budget, there will be a link for you to schedule a consultation. You can do this consultation via Zoom if you want. From there you will meet with our Studio Manager or Luis Quintana who will walk you through all of the options available for your big day.

Once you decide we are a good fit for you, you will be sent a link to a client portal to sign your wedding contract and pay your retainer. Once we get both of those back, we are now locked in for your date!

This is a question that is usually best answered during your consultation. But generally, weddings can be covered from getting ready to the last reception events in 8 hours. If you are having a cultural ceremony or you have a long gap between the ceremony and the reception, you may need more hours of coverage.

Yes! Our team edits every image by hand, and then they get approved by Luis before they leave the door. Images that go into your wedding album or are printed for you will go through retouching as well, which will allow for extremely target

Yes, we do! And our team of videographers does an amazing job and they just do not capture cool footage but we create a beautiful story, we do it recording footage and audio separately, then we create a cinematic wedding film for you.

Luis uses the latest model Canon camera and Profoto lighting equipment. We employ the latest mirrorless technology. Our cameras shoot in high resolution to allow for the greatest flexibility in post-production.

I can’t say yes more emphatically. The engagement session is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer, allow us to understand how you like to be photographed, and to create artwork to decorate your home and your wedding with. We include a waiver of our engagement session fee with every wedding package booked.

Your wedding photos will be ready in 2-3 weeks or less from the date of your wedding. Oftentimes we are able to turn images around in less than 14 days.

You’ve got enough on your plate—our thorough and detail oriented approach ensures you’ll have more photos than you could ever need or want, but we do recommend bringing to our attention any special people, planned moments, or unique details you’d like to capture that we might not know to anticipate.

On your wedding day, please have the rings, dress, shoes, jewelry and any other heirlooms you’d like in the photos in the bridal suite. We will spend the first hour of our coverage shooting your details and final hair/makeup.

For a 150-250 person wedding, we recommend two photographers. However, we specialize in shooting weddings that are unique, therefore we customize the photography coverage based on your day and your needs.

We will first photograph you with your immediate family members (parents and siblings) and grandparents (if applicable) during the allotted formal family time. If you have groupings outside of immediate family, we suggest you provide these details at least two weeks prior to your wedding so we can schedule our time accordingly. Additionally, please inform us of any special groupings due to family circumstances (i.e divorce, stepparents, etc) so that we can appropriately welcome and recognize all of the meaningful relationships in your life.

Every wedding needs formal group shots. “Group formals” as we like to call them, are simply a part of the wedding experience as you have a rare opportunity of families getting together. We have not photographed a single wedding without capturing these photos. Frankly, as far as photography goes, these are the shots we prepare for the most as we have to let people know where to be at a certain time. We do these portraits very well as we always scout the location for the photos and we light them if we are indoors (sometimes outdoors too). We’ll work with you to make sure that each grouping is pre-planned, and make sure that every member knows where to be at the perfect moment to capture the shot.


Whether it’s your big wedding day or your engagement, these memories should be remembered forever.

To schedule a session or just get some more information, fill out the form and one of our team members will get back to you within 24 hours.

Due to high demand, we can’t guarantee we can work with every customer. If you have a specific date in mind, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible to make sure we can save that day just for you.

We look forward to capturing your most beautiful memories.




And we're really excited about that. We can't wait to hear your story, and will be in touch shortly.