Hire a wedding or a fashion photographer?

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Should you hire a wedding or a fashion photographer?

We can say that wedding photographers and fashion photographers see this particular event from a different perspective. And in many cases, this might be true. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. We have enlisted a few similarities and differences for you to choose according to what you want. And hire the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

Picture taken by photographer of bride in front of wedding location


Before we discuss the main topic, you must have a good understanding of both terms:

For starters, fashion photography is focused on (high-end) clothes and more typically used for marketing and advertising. They work closely with models, designers, and fashion houses. Their work is presented in magazines, advertising campaigns, and catalogs.

While wedding photography focuses on capturing all activities related to weddings. They work directly with the bride and groom. The photographs include posed photos of the couple and family, group photos of guests, the ceremony, and more spontaneous pictures of what happens during the party. They present their work in digital forms, photo albums, and/or video.

Picture taken by photographer of a happy couple by the lake

Now that we know the terms, let’s dive into our main topic: similarities and differences



Even though we think they are very different, they both have the same objective. They aim to show off bridal fashion, the little details of the dress, poses that will make you look amazing, and get some trendy shots. On the equipment, they work with the same photography gadgets, like the camera, lights, tripods, etc. Both can vary the locations either you prefer outdoor, indoor, or studio. When talking about working hours both types of photographers can adjust their coverage to your needs. Of course, fashion photographers work with professional models and can make your pictures look less traditional if that is what you are looking for. While the wedding photographer can work with you and make you a “model” for one day, and guide you through your poses, and deliver more traditional, wedding-like photographs.


Usually, photographers specialize in an area, whether it is a portrait shot, product, food, etc. A wedding photographer knows all of them since they have experience taking group photos, portraits of the bride and groom, the bride’s bouquet, details of the dress and jewelry, the decoration, and maybe even the dinner. 

As we mentioned earlier, they both will deliver different types of photography. So it is up to you to think whether you want more magazine-like photos or something more traditional that will reflect more emotions,. And hire the wedding or fashion photographer that fits you better.

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