How To Get Amazing Bridal Photos -

7 Tips For Amazing Bridal Photos

Posing for photos is an art.

So it’s understandable that brides are nervous that their wedding photos won’t hold up to the quality of this art that they hope for.

You might be thinking…

What if I look unnatural, or stiff, or weird in my wedding photos.?

Will I look awkward in every photo?

Sadly, there’s a good reason to have these concerns. A lot of professional photographers get framing, lighting, and angles right, but forget about the art of the pose.

It’s a separate skill set (although a good wedding photographer should learn those skills).

I want to help you to have an amazing wedding day photos. Especially the ones of you!

If your photographer doesn’t know how to pose you or lacks the attention to detail to get your pose right, I have a few tips for you.

Here are some simple things to keep in mind during your bridal session:

1. Start with your feet

Think about your pose from the ground up, literally. The first thing to focus on is your feet.

This isn’t photos for the military here. Even though there will be a certain amount of stress during your wedding, that shouldn’t show up in your photos.

Your feet shouldn’t be side by side at attention. Stand slightly askew and put your weight on to your back foot. This should make your front knee bend.

This naturally makes you look more relaxed and gives an S-curve to your profile. This looks flattering, highlighting a feminine pose.

A pose that starts like this will also help to show off the form of your wedding dress. Show it off. Today is the day!

2. Don’t slouch

Yes, you want to look relaxed but not hunched over.

Stand tall and confident. Let your footing create the curves you want, but keep your spine straight.

This also helps you look as flattering as possible. Slouching is one of the first things you can spot in photos. (And it’s so easy to avoid if you keep it in mind).

3. Separate your arms and body

Ok, this one sounds a little weird out of context. Please keep your arms!

But, you will want to have a small gap between your arms and your body.

Have you ever looked at your arms in a photo and groaned? This little trick can help you with that.

If your arms are directly against your body, your inner arms are pushed out, making your arms look bigger than they are.

One problem: you also don’t want to look like you are flapping your wings. Believe it or not, that’s not a traditional wedding pose!

The solution: Bend your elbow behind your waist to keep your arms free while still looking natural.

4. What do you do with your hands?

A lot of brides are suddenly aware of their hands when the pictures start snapping. Luckily, you are almost always holding a bouquet to help give them something to do.

But don’t forget about your hands completely.

Always show the smallest part of your hand, avoiding the broadsides of the back of your palm and wrists. This will accentuate a gentile and feminine look.

It’s all about those angles.

5. Your joints and fingers

With your hands in mind, let’s get detail-oriented!

Relax your grip. Your bouquet won’t go flying out of your hand, I promise.

Remember to relax your joints during the photo if you are posing with your hands at your side. This will help get rid of any tension that might come across in the picture otherwise.

6. Chin down, eyes up

Do you remember a character in a movie that looked sinister? Or innocent? Feminine? Masculine?

Cinematographers know how to work the angles…and so should you.

Keep your chin down and your eyes up to have a softer image in the picture.

7. Chin up and eyes down

Now the opposite!

Keep your chin up and eyes down to show more power.

Take a deep breath

Above all else, slow down. Enjoy these little moments.

Most posing problems come from brides and bridal parties looking too stiff and nervous. Take a deep breath and relax.

If you can keep each of these steps in mind, remember to think from the ground up. Feet, hands, arms, eyes.

Relax and remember you get to cherish these memories and feelings forever.

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