How to plan a photo-worthy wedding

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Keep your timeline realistic.

One of the biggest obstacles that prevent couples from having the wedding of their dreams is lack of time. It is very important to draw up a realistic timeline in the weeks before your event and make sure that you follow it thoroughly on the big day. Doing so will prevent one activity to run into the next. We realize this can be difficult to accomplish when photographers limit their coverage to only a few hours. And that is the reason we believe in full wedding day coverage, we know that it’s extremely important to tell your full story.

As you work through your timeline, don’t hesitate to contact your photographer for some feedback – so you can determine how much time should be allocated for each activity. In general terms, the more time spent on photography, the better photos you’ll get.

Pick a venue with natural beauty.

A picture of a hugged couple standing by the lake on their wedding day

Great photos are about location, every photographer knows that. Choosing a naturally beautiful place can help you save money on decoration and ensure flawless images. For this task, we recommend going for something that matches the style of your wedding.

Though farmhouse weddings have trended over the past few years, this rustic setting may not make the most sense for a modern bride. The opposite is also true – a boho wedding would not be ideal for a traditional country club. But of course, there are no rules to a photo-worthy wedding.

Don’t forget that the location of your wedding is more than just the venue. In our work as photographers, we tend to spend a lot of time shooting in natural light. So you can take a look around for nearby parks, architectural designs, and gardens that can offer a change of scenery.

Don’t skimp on flowers.

Flowers may seem a little expensive and wasteful – but flowers make a high visual impact. To be honest, fake flowers never photograph well, so think outside the box of ways you can save on them. Fortunately, buying real flowers doesn’t require you to break your budget.

  1. You can buy flowers from local markets, Sam’s Club, or Costco and create your bouquets.
  2. Reuse your bridesmaids’ bouquets and ceremony flowers into decoration for the reception. As well as guest centerpieces in vases.
  3. Opting for bigger blooms that require fewer stems.
  4. Fill your arrangements with greenery.
  5. Consider using pricier bulbs such as peonies, dahlias, and garden roses only in the bride’s bouquet.

Know where to cut costs.

There are some aspects of a wedding where you can save money – although we know that preferences may vary. Every bride wants to wear the dress of her dreams, but if you are willing to make some sacrifices, we assure you that less expensive ones can photograph perfectly as long as it fits well. In this case, there is a possibility of purchasing a dress off-season (or from the sales rack), buying a used dress and getting it tailored, or renting. Party favors are another area where you should feel free to skimp on. Unless you’re spending a lot on something unusual or memorable, most guests won’t even notice. 

Hiring a great photographer makes all the difference.

Lastly, choosing a talented wedding photographer can make or break how photo-worthy your wedding is. They can turn the least flattering scenario into something beautiful by managing the light, angles, guiding your poses, and framing each shot.

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