Trust your photographer to capture you

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For some people, getting photographed is not their favorite activity. Some others think that only certain people can really “get” them on camera. But, I think we all can agree that we should be able to trust the photographer we choose for our wedding day to capture us.

You need to build a trusting relationship with your photographer if you want lovely wedding photos that showcase the very best version of yourself. That is the secret. As photographers, we need to adapt to complement the style and personality of our couples.

So, when you decide to hire a photographer, get to know each other from day one. An effective communication between photographer and couple is a must. We have found that the more successful events always have effortless communication between the planner, the couple, and the photographer. Early in the process, talk about your expectations and the way you imagine the outcome of the pictures to be. What makes this important to us is your story, so tell us the more you can about you and your significant other. The more we know about both of you and your personalities, the better we will be able to prepare for your wedding day.

And if this was not good reason enough, we are happy to tell you that one of the best parts of having a great relationship with your photographer is that you will feel more confident and relaxed. This way you can be certain that you will look amazing, and you will enjoy every single moment. He will capture genuine emotions and smiles. True, we can show up and snap away. However, the photos become infinitely better when you you trust your photographer to capture you. There is no better recipe for a good picture than a happy, relaxed, and confident couple!

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