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One of the best ways to help document your wedding is to have a wedding hashtag. It provides a place for people to go where they can see everyone’s experiences from the day through many different perspectives. The bride and groom will also enjoy looking through the pictures after the wedding and will love seeing their family and friends enjoying this special time. The hashtag can be used for more than just the wedding day – many couples like to start using it soon after getting engaged so they can share their engagement journey, such as wedding planning and bridal showers, with those closest to them.

How to Come up with a Wedding Hashtag

There are several websites with wedding hashtag generators that can help you come up with the perfect, personalized hashtag for your Big Day. Shutterfly (https://www.shutterfly.com/ideas/wedding-hashtag/) and WeddingMix (https://www.storymixmedia.com/weddingmix/free-wedding-hashtag-generator/) are great options. After finding the best fit, always check the hashtag to make sure it is not being used by anyone else – you do not want your pictures being mixed up with someone else’s. You also want to keep it simple to prevent your guests from misspelling any words and their pictures not showing up under the hashtag.

Spread the Word

Once you have your hashtag name, it is important to get the word out so people know to use it. Include it on your invitations, your wedding website, and your program at the ceremony. You can even have the hashtag on small signs at the gift table and reception tables.

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